10 things may be Girls don't like on Valentine's Day

Bad valentine's Day

Men are practical and that's why purchasing a gift is a search for something precise and above all necessary, but women are more hesitant, exclusive and demanding this type of present for this occasion, So we made ​​a list for you that we think you should not give to a Girls on Valentine's Day.

1. Women whether or not in a routine to care for your figure expected chocolates , this situation looks for chocolates recommended, but never chocolate gifts unit as this will cause the impression that you're a guy who's cheap and more to try explain she would not give up that idea.

2. You should not give away games of skill or talent, as you'd expect a woman is a gift that can show off or to share with you on this special day.

3. As the day of love , it is advisable that you only give away a romantic dinner for two, do not invite your friends or family so they too be celebrating the date with their respective partners.

4. No gifts appliance s because the last thing they think a woman is to spend Valentine's Day at home, unlike you she expects activities.

5. You earn points if you want to give flowers , most women for Valentine's Day expecting a bouquet of flowers , but be careful because what they hope are flowers , not the artificial, since they are motivated to think for that will last a lifetime and so you will get rid of giving more.

6. In case you do not know exactly the size of clothing of your love will not give away, because if you think you are too small too fat and too big if you feel that you see it last kilos. The best thing for this situation is to take it to the store for her to choose her gift.

7. Do not give objects to exercise or bonds to go to the gym . The do feel fat and prove that you do not like your looks.

8. No gifts porcelain , but are beautiful and help on all occasions women expect something totally romantic and a piece made ​​in cold porcelain does not have this quality.

9. If gift giving is the best is that you plan ahead, do not present her with the first face you saw in the supermarket or something that was the result of improvisation.

10. Especially not gifts kitchenware , this is very telling for a woman and more when it comes to special occasions, believe that only look to feed, care for and that their only place is the kitchen.

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