Best Valentines Day Messages 2014

Here are the best valentines day messages to forward his/her. Wish him/her valentines day before anyone else. Be close with your valentine by sending these messages. You valentine will love to receive these messages. Share these messages with your loved one and tell him/her how much importance he/she has in your life. Don't waste your time reading these useless line start reading messages below. Have a nice day!

    There's a special place
    within my heart
    that only you can fill.
    For you had my love
    right from the start
    and I know you always will.
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Hearts and flowers...
    Love songs...
    Ribbons and bows...
    Yeah, I'd rather have the chocolate, too!
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Don't be surprised
    if you see a little naked guy
    with a bow and arrow
    running around your neighbourhood.
    My weird Uncle Henry
    is loose again.
    Happy Valentines Day Dear..
    There is a special place…with in my heart
    That only u can fill….4u had my love..
    Right 4rm the start & I know u & always will.
    {{{I do not pretnd 2 know what luv is 4 every-1,
    But I can tell u….what it is 4 me ????
    Luv is knowing all about sum-1,
    & still wanting 2-b with them…
    More than any other single person,
    Luv iz trsting them enough 2 tell them..
    Everything about urslf,
    including the thingz u might b-ashamed of…
    Luv is feeling comfrtable & safe with sum-1,
    But still Getting weak knees…
    when they walk in-2 a room & smile at u.}}}
    Happy Valentines Day 2 all..
    A Unknown Loving Person Says that
    I have fallen in love many times…
    And always with Only u.
    Have Happy Valentines Day 2014
    Accidents do happen.
    i slip..
    i trip…
    i stumble…
    i fall and usually i don’t care at all.
    but now!!!
    i dont know what to do..
    coz i slipped
    fell in love with you.
    I love you.
    The last time…
    When I saw him…
    he was walking down lvrs lane…
    holding his own hand…
    What Leibniz Says ????
    {} -> 2-luv is 2-find pleasure..
    in the happiness of the person loved.{}
    When You Read My Msg You click simply ..
    But I will tell u the meaning of C.L.I.C.K.>>>>???
    C-> cant live without yu…
    L-> love yu…
    I-> i miss yu…
    C-> care about yu…
    K-> kiss 4rm my heart 2 yu…
    So when ever u miss me just CLICK to open my msg.
    u jst got an early valentine kiss.
    4ward 2 all your FRIENDS that u luv & see..
    how many kisses u got back.
    If u get
    1–u-r lonely,
    3–u-r cute,
    6–u-r hot,
    if 9 then tell just…
    r-u really still single?

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