Valentines Day Quotes and Greetings For Girlfriends 2014

Valentines morning 2014 will be celebrated on Tuesday 14 Feb . 2014, it’s celebrated yearly worldwide. As the increasing trends of cell phone and mobile phones, peoples have got chosen SMS or texting as being a medium to be able to send out valentines greetings, Valentine SMS Happy valentine’s day sms and messages, Valentine’s day 2014 greetings, valentine's communications, valentines wishes, valentines text message , valentine's quotes text message.

"Next Time If It Rain,Try To Catch Few Drops In Your Hand...The Drops You Catch Is The Amount Of You Loving Me...And The Amount You Miss Is The Amount Of I Am Loving You..."

Good morning Beautiful. The first time I saw you, my heart knew it was true! I love you more than you think I do. Happy Valentines Day love

I was a little weird and my life was a little weird
then one day I found you, whose weirdness is compatible with mine...
Lets join up and fall in mutual weirdness and lets call it love...
Will you be my valentine??

I never knew what love meant??????
Until you touched my life….
You give life it is self…meaning & purpose.
With the whisper of ur name
The birds sing no more,
Or perhaps I loose the ability
To hear their song.
My heart longs only for the sound
Of your voice,
& the touch of ur silky,…
soft hand….
I Love You So So Much..Dear…
Happy Valentines Day…

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